Welcome to the DougherNet tutorial on sharing pictures!

As a Gold Executive-Class© Member of DougherNet, you have the privilege of uploading pictures from your computer, across our atomic-age invention, "The Internet"® to the DougherNet servers buried deep below the Earth in rural Nebraska; where they can be accessed by literally dozens of "The Internet"® users!

This tutorial will be your guide through this mysterious and magical process, first laid down in ritual by the Knights Templar in 1374!

So, let's begin!
Let's say, for example, that you have a picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head. Who doesn't?
You'd like to share your bunny picture with the world. So let's start by going to www.dougher.net and clicking on the "Album" link in the top-right corner of the page:

Here you will see the DougherNet photo album, consisting mostly of pictures of mongrel children of questionable heritage. Alas! Not enough bunny!

Don't worry, we're here to fix that. Click on the "Upload" button just to the right of your friendly DougherNet Flight Attendant, and we'll be off to the secret lair of the magical uploading fairies!

Here you'll have to make some choices. We know, and we apologize. It'll all be over soon, shhhhhh!

First off, how many bunnies (images) do you want to share? In this example, we're only parting with one...(the rest are mine, and mine alone!), but if you have many bunnies you'd like to upload at one time, pull down the number where it says "Upload 1 File", select the appropriate number of bunnies, and hit the "Refresh" button!

Now each bunny picture will have its own slot, and its own "Browse..." button. Click the "Browse..." button to play "find the bunny" (explained below). Please enter a "Description" for each bunny, describing what you see in the picture, and don't forget to enter your name in the "Your Name:" slot, so that people can thank you later for the bunny-related happiness you've brought them!

Play Find the Bunny!

This game will look different, depending upon your computer, but if you look in every adorable little bunny hole (directory) you will find just the bunny you're looking for. Double click the bunny: or just click him once, then click the "Open" button. You get to choose!

Now we're back to the "Upload Page". As a Gold Executive-Class© Member of DougherNet, your bunnies will be immediately shared with the world on the DougherNet Message Board. But if for some reason you don't want just everyone to see your bunnies, then uncheck the "Post links & thumbnails to message board" box...but you should usually leave this box alone

At the bottom of your list of bunnies, you'll see a button that says "Upload File(s)". Click that button now to send your bunnies on their way!

It may take some time for your bunnies to cross "The Internet"®, but be patient! In just a few minutes, you'll be back at the Photo Album page, and LOOK!

The page has been much improved by inclusion of more bunny! Well done!

Now, if you'll just click on the "Back to Dougher.Net" link near the top of the page, you'll go back to the message board to revel in the many compliments that will soon be flooding in about your bunnies. As a Gold Executive-Class© Member of DougherNet, you should accept this praise gracefully; concealing your contempt for the lower, bunny-less classes as best you can.

We at DougherNet Customer Service hope this tutorial was helpful. If you have any questions at all, contact us at Customer.Service@dougher.net, and remember: you are inconveniencing us!