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Kelley - 5/1/015 1:10 PM
  It just occurred to me that when we see each other at the end of the month, we will all have been married 5, 10, 20, and 50 years. If everyone had ordered thier cake through our baker, we would all be getting our own cake-lol
Kelley - 4/15/015 12:15 PM
  We tried to catch the bunny, but I think the box scared him- he left a trail of Easter eggs out the back door (which was left open) and hung a basket on the back fence. Must have lost it when he went over.
Sandy- I brought a mouse to school in high school. Granted he was part of my science experiment, but he came in a hamster ball and hung out in the lab all day much to Dr Haraburda's amusement. A couple months later, we dissected cats in that same class, so not sure a cat would've been a great choice.
taod - 4/5/015 9:52 AM
  Happy Easter. Anyone catch that wascaly wabbit?
MOM - 4/4/015 11:15 AM
  She could plead the act as an early April Fools joke!
Frank - 4/2/015 8:04 PM
  Laugh it up, mom. I'm sure the Great Cat Caper seems hilarious down there!
Uncle Frank - 4/2/015 8:00 PM
MOM - 4/1/015 11:28 AM
  Ohhhhh! can't stop laughing. I can't think of a way to discipline an act of love! Maybe get the cat certified a support animal....they're allowed most places!
Frank - 3/31/015 5:33 PM
  Still trying to figure out how mad to be over her trying to sneak her cat into school, despite having been told explicitly not to do that. She managed to find a form of rebellion that's both extremely frustrating and adorable at the same time.
Frank - 3/31/015 12:19 PM
  Deb, we'll be getting into CA on Thursday afternoon. Turns out flying on Friday is really expensive compared to Thursday. Leaving on Monday. ONT is our airport.
Frank - 3/31/015 12:16 PM
  So, today my daughter tried to smuggle a cat to school. Yes, a cat.
Mom - 3/30/015 11:27 AM
  I can't wait either!!!
Deb - 3/30/015 11:21 AM
  Frank- what dates? Getting very excited!! Also- did you lose the bees? Saw a mention from Tracy on FB
Frank - 3/24/015 0:01 AM
  OK, three tickets bought for BZN to ONT. We'll get Frankie's when he knows where he's flying from.
Can't wait!
GOD - 3/14/015 8:44 PM
  Happy Pi Day to Sandy and Neil deGrasse Tyson
Deb - 3/6/015 3:35 PM
  Sorry Kel- we told them at Christmas -- it was part of their gifts from Grandma and Grandpa- also Tom has shown them videos of new rides and has a $10 incentive for each to ride California Screaming.
taod - 3/3/015 4:46 PM
  Even Sandy asks if we are leaving for Disney this week...several times a month.
Kelley - 3/3/015 7:22 AM
  We should tell them together and get it on video :)
Kelley - 3/3/015 7:21 AM
  Mom's facebook post reminded me... We are not going to tell the girls about Disney either until the day we go to the park, or until we drive there. Their lack of understanding that things close at a certain time/cost money lead me to believe if they know where we are going, Lucy will be painfully disappointed after the 6-7 hour car ride that we don't immediately go there. Also, I'm not sure I can handle the sleepless night(s) of her being too excited to sleep, especially the night before the big drive. Debbie, when are you telling the kids?
Kelley - 3/2/015 8:04 PM
  Good question. I don't want to force anyone to be on Facebook just to keep up, but I'm not a huge fan of the open format. Let me think about it.
Frank - 3/2/015 1:02 AM
  I feel like DougherNet still has something to offer the family, but traffic has obviously dies down to a trickle in the last two years.
What would YOU like to see in a renovated DougherNet?

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