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Frank & Tracy's Anniversary in 2 days.





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Frank - 9/28/015 0:47 AM
  Happy Anniversary, Rob & Doris!
Frank - 9/22/015 5:17 PM
  Happy Birthday, Stacey!
Stramiello - 9/17/015 8:46 AM
  Happy birthday Katie!
taod - 9/1/015 4:07 PM
  Thank you! Planting flowers this to a great start!
The Brookses - 9/1/015 10:36 AM
  Happy Birthday Tracy!!!
Deb - 8/18/015 10:56 AM
  Happy Birthday to Frank and Frankie!!!
Frank - 8/17/015 9:20 PM
  PS. Damn. It was hot. Like, "yuck! It's to damn hot to run!" kind of hot.
Frank - 8/17/015 9:18 PM
  Back on a plane, about to head home. This race marks 10 years since Thad and I ran our first Half.
At the time, it might have been a one shot deal. I still really don't like running. But one has to do something to stay in some kind of shape. Unless you want that shape to be "oval".
Frank - 8/15/015 11:57 PM
  Hanging out in San Diego, trying to figure if I'll be getting any sleep before the race.
Deb - 7/23/015 11:44 PM
  Happy anniversary Frank &Tracy!! Love you!!
Stramiellos - 7/20/015 2:07 PM
  Happy Birthday Uncle Mike!
R&D - 6/22/015 6:24 PM
  Vincent if your are still looking on this site I would like to ask a few questions. I'm Rob Dougher and I play around with the genealogy part of the family history. Please write back here or contact me at rddougher(at) Thanks
vincent - 6/20/015 1:27 PM
  I new there was some of us out there in PA hahaha
Frank - 6/10/015 10:29 PM
  Hi, Vincent!
We're the far flung family of Paul Dougher from Western Pennsylvania; spread out as far from Maine to Guam.
VIncent Dougher - 6/10/015 0:07 AM
  Hey where are you doughers from im from northeast ohio
taod - 6/3/015 6:08 PM
  jumped right back into work and school after arriving home at 11:30pm on Monday. Catch up on sleep last night!
Mom - 6/3/015 5:30 PM
  Just recovering. Dad slept all day yesterday and most of day today. I just finished unpacking!
R&D - 6/3/015 1:37 PM
  Has everyone recovered? Now could you imagine all the Doughers getting together some where?
Frank - 5/22/015 12:10 PM
  Happy Birthday, Aunt Sandy!
Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom & Dad.
Happy Birthday, Tommy.
Ok, that's enough events booked for one day. Nobody is allowed to do anything new on May 22 from now on!
taod - 5/22/015 10:40 AM
  The anticipation is thick....we are all ready for this!

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