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Zoe E. Dougher's Birthday in 3 days.





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Frank - 9/22/015 5:17 PM
  Happy Birthday, Stacey!
Stramiello - 9/17/015 8:46 AM
  Happy birthday Katie!
taod - 9/1/015 4:07 PM
  Thank you! Planting flowers this to a great start!
The Brookses - 9/1/015 10:36 AM
  Happy Birthday Tracy!!!
Deb - 8/18/015 10:56 AM
  Happy Birthday to Frank and Frankie!!!
Frank - 8/17/015 9:20 PM
  PS. Damn. It was hot. Like, "yuck! It's to damn hot to run!" kind of hot.
Frank - 8/17/015 9:18 PM
  Back on a plane, about to head home. This race marks 10 years since Thad and I ran our first Half.
At the time, it might have been a one shot deal. I still really don't like running. But one has to do something to stay in some kind of shape. Unless you want that shape to be "oval".
Frank - 8/15/015 11:57 PM
  Hanging out in San Diego, trying to figure if I'll be getting any sleep before the race.
Deb - 7/23/015 11:44 PM
  Happy anniversary Frank &Tracy!! Love you!!
Stramiellos - 7/20/015 2:07 PM
  Happy Birthday Uncle Mike!
R&D - 6/22/015 6:24 PM
  Vincent if your are still looking on this site I would like to ask a few questions. I'm Rob Dougher and I play around with the genealogy part of the family history. Please write back here or contact me at rddougher(at) Thanks
vincent - 6/20/015 1:27 PM
  I new there was some of us out there in PA hahaha
Frank - 6/10/015 10:29 PM
  Hi, Vincent!
We're the far flung family of Paul Dougher from Western Pennsylvania; spread out as far from Maine to Guam.
VIncent Dougher - 6/10/015 0:07 AM
  Hey where are you doughers from im from northeast ohio
taod - 6/3/015 6:08 PM
  jumped right back into work and school after arriving home at 11:30pm on Monday. Catch up on sleep last night!
Mom - 6/3/015 5:30 PM
  Just recovering. Dad slept all day yesterday and most of day today. I just finished unpacking!
R&D - 6/3/015 1:37 PM
  Has everyone recovered? Now could you imagine all the Doughers getting together some where?
Frank - 5/22/015 12:10 PM
  Happy Birthday, Aunt Sandy!
Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom & Dad.
Happy Birthday, Tommy.
Ok, that's enough events booked for one day. Nobody is allowed to do anything new on May 22 from now on!
taod - 5/22/015 10:40 AM
  The anticipation is thick....we are all ready for this!
Kelley - 5/1/015 1:10 PM
  It just occurred to me that when we see each other at the end of the month, we will all have been married 5, 10, 20, and 50 years. If everyone had ordered thier cake through our baker, we would all be getting our own cake-lol

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