My Favorite Pictures Ever

I've taken a lot of photos over the years. But only a very few have made me say "Wow, what a great shot!"
These often stand out either by their unique lighting or by incredibly lucky timing. (And, of course, getting at least one kid to look into the camera is always a pleasant surprize.)

Here's a selection of some of the few really good photos I've taken over the last few years.

Grand Prismatic
Tracy, Frankie, and Alessandra at Grand Prismatic in Yellowstone. Spring, 2001
Great colors, nice shot of Tracy.

The family on the shores of Lake Michigan, taken at the very moment Alessandra loses her grip on her kite string. Nate, Adrienne and Frankie in the background absorbed in their own kite flying activities. Summer, 2002.
Great composition, with a terrific horizon & a beautiful sky.

Frankie building sand castles at Pacific Beach near San Diego. Summer, 2004.
First time playing around with shooting a sunset with a digital camera. Not bad.

California Girls
Tracy and Alessandra relaxing after a day at Pacific Beach. Summer, 2004.
Fill flash for the foreground works out nicely as well. This was a really good trip.

Frankie, Charles, Tanner, Branden, and Fabian lose control of their toboggan at School Gulch. December, 2004.
Really, with the shutter delay inherent in the Cannon A60, can you GET any luckier with the timing of a shot? They were doing fine when I hit the button, fortunately I turned to follow them just as they lost it.
Look at the spray coming through Charles' fingers. Fantastic.