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Phamily Slackers Hosers

Photos of Phrank's Phamily!!

Hi! I'm Frank L. Dougher II

This is my lovely wife, Tracy, and our two children; Frankie & Sandy.

Here, Frankie is six and Sandy is 2½, and amazingly they got along great.

Great with each other, that is. There are days when Sandy ain't so adorable.

We try to get out as much as possible, to really take advantge of being in the West.

OK, so sometimes she can be a little bit cute...

Here's a photo of Frankie on the day he was born, with his Grandpa, Frank.

By now frankie and his Gramps are old Buddies.

My Mom is a very active and busy woman. She was a fire fighter/paramedic for many years, in addition to two or three other jobs at any one time.

A photo of my sister Debra and me as children.

My other sister, Kelley needs to work on her skiing a bit...